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inappropriate behavior

(noun phrase) The regrettable instances where students deviate from expected conduct, testing the boundaries of classroom dynamics. It encompasses a spectrum of actions, from disruptive behavior and disrespect to defiance and disregard for academic norms. Such conduct poses challenges for teachers, demanding swift intervention, consistent discipline, and the delicate art of redirecting behavior towards positive engagement.

(also: your child is a good listener)

noun and verb identification

(noun) The linguistic labyrinth where words don disguises as either the protagonists (nouns) or the action heroes (verbs) of sentences. Nouns, like steady sentinels, name people, places, or things, while verbs, the dynamic darlings, express actions, states, or occurrences. In this grammatical guessing game, identifying the noun-verb duo becomes a thrilling mental marathon, where triumph awaits those who conquer language's dual nature.

Teaching Tip: Make noun and verb identification engaging by using interactive games or activities. Provide sentences or short passages and have students identify the nouns and verbs within them. You can also create a fun classroom challenge where students compete to identify the most nouns and verbs in a given time frame, making learning both enjoyable and educational.

civil rights movement

(noun) A courageous and resounding symphony of social change, where the rhythm of justice echoed across the nation. An extraordinary chapter in history, showcasing the indomitable spirit of activists who defied discrimination and segregation. Led by charismatic figures like Martin Luther King Jr., it transformed peaceful protests into a powerful chorus demanding equality, inspiring millions and leaving an indelible mark on the collective conscience. A revolution fueled by dreams of unity, justice, and the audacity to envision a brighter future for all.

Teaching Tip: Foster empathy and understanding by incorporating personal narratives and firsthand accounts from individuals who participated in the Civil Rights Movement. Encourage students to explore primary sources, such as speeches and interviews, and facilitate discussions that highlight the struggles, victories, and ongoing significance of the movement in promoting equality and social justice.

human body

(noun) A fantastical biological marvel that combines equal parts functionality and absurdity. This intricate vessel houses an orchestra of organs, from the Brain Commander to the Skeletal Frame Squad, the Cardiovascular Symphony, and the Digestive Circus. It boasts peculiar quirks like the ability to hiccup, sneeze, and produce embarrassing noises. A constant source of wonder and amusement, reminding us that life is a fascinating, occasionally unpredictable, and often hilarious adventure.

Teaching Tip: Incorporate visual aids such as diagrams, models, or virtual reality tools to enhance students' understanding of the human body. Encourage active learning by organizing group discussions or interactive activities that involve students in exploring different body systems and their functions.

impacts of the climate

To convey the impacts of climate change, tell your students that if Earth were a pizza, we've been adding way too many "greenhouse toppings" that are making it cook faster than expected, leaving us with a crispy planet that's harder to digest

my dog ate my homework

(phrase) The ingenious defense strategy employed by academically challenged individuals when faced with unfinished assignments. A whimsical excuse that taps into the profound appetite of canines for academic knowledge, transforming homework into a delectable delicacy. The phenomenon amuses teachers, inspires disbelief, and perpetuates the legend of scholarly pups with insatiable appetites.

(also: homework)
(also: student)
(also: teacher)

tangled headphones

The mischievous work of a wire-wielding poltergeist, lurking in the shadows of your pockets and bags, eagerly plotting to turn your headphones into a tangled mess of frustration. It's a cosmic prank that rivals the greatest slapstick comedy, as if Charlie Chaplin himself orchestrated the chaos. Untangling the knotty mess becomes a high-stakes puzzle, a battle of wits against an invisible foe with a PhD in knotting. It's a spectacle that leaves you questioning your life choices and contemplating a career as a professional knot detangler. So grab your patience, your sense of humor, and a strong cup of coffee, because in the world of tangled headphones, laughter is the only way to keep your sanity intact.

(also: headphones)

mount everest

(n.) /ˌmaʊnt ˈɛvərɪst/ - The highest mountain in the world, located in the Himalayas between Nepal and Tibet. Its summit reaches an elevation of 29,032 feet (8,849 meters) above sea level, making it a challenging and dangerous feat to climb. Despite its treacherous reputation, climbers from all over the world attempt to conquer the mountain every year, drawn by the allure of standing at the top of the world and the bragging rights that come with it.

beverly hills

(n.) /ˈbɛvərli hɪlz/ - A land of surgically enhanced humans, where wallets are fat and morals are thin. The streets are paved with gold and the egos are paved with arrogance. If you're not wearing designer labels, you're not worth the air you're breathing. Welcome to the land of the rich, the famous, and the completely ridiculous.

(also: Mount Everest)


blækˌlaɪt/ (n.):
A type of ultraviolet lamp that makes certain substances fluoresce. Often used to uncover the evidence of a dog's indiscretions around the house, or to highlight the bodily fluids and questionable stains from a wild night of partying.

(also: party)


/rɛd/ (adj.):
A hue resembling a ripe tomato or a Marxist manifesto. Also used to describe a balance sheet that's "in the red," which is financial jargon for "totally screwed."

jar bairn

(noun.) dʒɑr bɛərn
(NPC) - a feisty living jar in Elden Ring's Jarburg, with standards higher than the Lord of Cinder himself. Requires soft hands for Potentate candidacy, and destroying jars will incite its wrath. Completing its questline yields a Companion Jar Talisman, and perhaps some extra moisturizer for your rough, barbaric hands.


(noun): A person with an overactive brain who insists on correcting everyone's grammar and spelling, regardless of context or relevance. The life of the party.


Marathon (noun): An endless, grueling race with no clear finish line or winner. A metaphor for life, designed to make you question why you ever signed up in the first place.
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