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(also: north america)
(also: trans-canada highway)
(also: some gorgeous landscapes)
(also: some bloody history)
(also: multilingualism for the win (not just english+french))

(also: spelling things with style ("u" bet!))
(also: metric system)
(also: western democracy)
(also: no one is happy with Trudeau; not the progressives, not the conservatives)
(also: first world activism & guilt)
(also: saviour complex)

(also: the world wide social web is blurring global boundaries)
(also: steeped in mainstream (materialist, consumerist, reductionist, divisive) thinking)
(also: social justice debates and concerns)
(also: recycling/green craze, we should be reducing/ reusing (simple & effective))
(also: budding psychedelic renaissance)
(also: smaller anti-vax movement than US)

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