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to desire a situation that didn't happen due, usually due to making a decision that was more logical or convenient or more beneficial (at that point-in-time)
example: i regret not going to community college and then transferring to university because i would've saved thousands of dollars and still would've graduated within four years anyway!


noun: living beings, whether animals or creatures, that provide solace and grievance depending on one's mood.
Example: my dog is an important member of my family.

johnny depp

noun: a person coping with his (or her) childhood trauma by inadvertently choosing people who do not look out for his (or her) interest and thus, may be perceived as either naive or unintelligent due to outside perspectives that his (or her) decisions were misguided and unwise.
example: Over time, many people who are depressed or anxious can overcome their johnnydepp mindset.

noun: a person whose coping mechanisms cause him/her to be prone to creating/engaging in emotionally draining situations.
example: Teenagers tend to be johnnydepps because they want to fit in.

noun: a person who is perceived as a victim whether or not he/she has good intentions to help people
example: Mr.Bentley was a johnnydepp because he donated millions to charity, but people still chastised him for spending his money irresponsibly.

amber heard

noun: a lost soul who may or may not be manipulative but is advocating for what one believes is right.
example: i'm sorry for breaking up your marriage, but i was just being an amberheard because i thought he loved me.

verb: to act righteously whether morally right or wrong.
example: ricky was perceived as a compulsive liar but he was just amberhearding because he was raised to believe that's the only way to survive in corporate america.

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