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(adjective): A state of being that is both fleeting and elusive, like a unicorn or a snowflake in the desert. Typically used to describe a situation that was supposed to last only a short time, but somehow manages to drag on for an indefinite period, like a bad movie sequel.


(pronoun): A mysterious individual who is often cited in conversations, but who nobody seems to actually know. This elusive figure may or may not exist, but is frequently used as a placeholder for anyone that the speaker cannot remember the name of.


(adjective): Describing a person who is so shallow that even the kiddie pool is too deep for them. Someone who values looks over substance and would rather skim the surface than dive deep into any subject matter.

chelsea griffin

ˈtʃɛlsi ˈɡrɪfn
(noun): a self-assured woman who's so crazy in love that she makes others question their own relationships; the butt of many jokes because society is so used to fake love on TV.

elon musk

A billionaire entrepreneur and inventor, who often seems to be more interested in making grandiose statements and seeking attention than in the practical realities of his many ambitious ventures. Known for his work on Tesla electric cars, SpaceX, and SolarCity, as well as for his erratic behavior and questionable business practices, Musk's ultimate goal remains something of a mystery, though it seems to involve a healthy dose of self-aggrandizement and a disregard for the concerns of others."


(noun): A persistent and measurable increase in the general price level of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. In simpler terms, it's when everything seems to cost more and your money is worth less. Just think of it as the ultimate prank played on you by the wealthy elite, where they laugh all the way to the bank while you're stuck holding the bag.

united states of america

(also: Alabama)
(also: Alaska)
(also: Arizona)
(also: Arkansas)
(also: California)
(also: Colorado)
(also: Connecticut)
(also: Delaware)
(also: Florida)
(also: Georgia)
(also: Hawaii)
(also: Idaho)
(also: Illinois)
(also: Indiana)
(also: Iowa)
(also: Kansas)
(also: Kentucky)
(also: Louisiana)
(also: Maine)
(also: Maryland)
(also: Massachusetts)
(also: Michigan)
(also: Minnesota)
(also: Mississippi)
(also: Missouri)
(also: Montana)
(also: Nebraska)
(also: Nevada)
(also: New Hampshire)
(also: New Jersey)
(also: New Mexico)
(also: New York)
(also: North Carolina)
(also: North Dakota)
(also: Ohio)
(also: Oklahoma)
(also: Oregon)
(also: Pennsylvania)
(also: Rhode Island)
(also: South Carolina)
(also: South Dakota)
(also: Tennessee)
(also: Texas)
(also: Utah)
(also: Vermont)
(also: Virginia)
(also: Washington)
(also: West Virginia)
(also: Wisconsin)
(also: Wyoming)

ununited states of america

Northern America;

(also: canada)
(also: mexico)


(also: Anguilla)
(also: Antigua and Barbuda)
(also: Aruba)
(also: Bahamas)
(also: Barbados)
(also: Bermuda (UK))
(also: British Virgin Islands (UK))
(also: Cayman Islands (UK))
(also: Cuba)
(also: Curaçao (NL))
(also: Dominica)
(also: Dominican Republic)
(also: Grenada)
(also: Guadeloupe (FR))
(also: Haiti)
(also: Jamaica)
(also: Martinique (FR))
(also: Montserrat (UK))
(also: Puerto Rico (USA)) (slave state of USA)
(also: Saint Kitts and Nevis)
(also: Saint Lucia)
(also: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
(also: Trinidad and Tobago)

Central America;

(also: Belize)
(also: Costa Rica)
(also: El Salvador)
(also: Guatemala)
(also: Honduras)
(also: Nicaragua)
(also: Panama)

South America;

(also: Argentina)
(also: Bolivia)
(also: Brazil)
(also: Chile)
(also: Colombia)
(also: Ecuador)
(also: French Guiana (FR))
(also: Guyana)
(also: Paraguay)
(also: Peru)
(also: Suriname)
(also: Uruguay)
(also: Venezuela)

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