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Long bound relationship, built from awkward moments, thinking about it and getting used to the other subject in order to work. Pretending friendship any closer than it actually is, emits the odor of fake, though it comes from a simple subconscious misunderstandding between the two people.
Source of life energy and certainty, home


Incredibly good Swedish band led by mathematician composer papa Emeritus IV. The names of other band members - the Nameless ghouls - are secret. Former lead guitarist Omega however, revealed his identity after leaving the bandand founding Magna Carta Cartel. Their music overcombines many different instruments, genres and effects

(also: Thobias Forge)


State of lacking social contact, or generally anything you feel you need for your life. Much as physical, hunger is said to be healthy ('builds the character'), in long period of time it unhelalthily deforms your behaviour, limits your activities and makes you sad


A substance (a vapor i believe) in yiur brain that makes you forget what you like hate or want. Making the entire universe seem like game of shadows it washes your brain of the colourful passion which makes you drunk. You can say mood is decided by ratio of these two substances

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