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(v.) to leave a place (physical, emotional, or so on) that had trapped you.
(n.) the place beyond the boundaries of the trap, whether you see from a distance or once you have succeeded.


(n.) disagreement.
as highlighted by the two previous posts in this section, it is actually disconcerting how the people behind the chat app decided to name it because, and I quote, "the word had something to do with talking, sounded cool, was easily pronounceable, memorable, and had an available domain name."
something to do with talking, you guys. just think of the crazy level of vague thought embedded in that statement (in the context of naming your company & product, a pretty big deal!)

to husband

(v.) to use a valuable thing or resource carefully. to not waste it.

"[these snails] would attach themselves to a convenient branch, construct a thin, paper like front door over the mouth of the shell, and then retreat deep into its convolutions in order **to husband** the moisture in their bodies from the fierce heat of the sun." -- Birds, beasts and relatives by Gerry Durrell


(n.) an account of how things stand. what (or who!) has come in, what (or who) has gone out. handy for an overview.

historically, (n.) "a book that lies permanently in some specified place."
historically, also (adj.) "remaining in a place, permanent, stationary"


(i) not a bird nor a plane. Sometimes a man, sometimes a myth.
(ii) the decoder ring on a map. can you believe it, map creators stuck the lock and key together? amateurs. they couldn't even give us a puzzle or riddle to look forward to.

really want it to be etymologically linked to ledger, but alas.


(n.) when you think copyright ain't quite alright..
this tells people they can pass along your work, eg. a helpful program, but only if they don't become middlemen that restrict its access. Copyleft guarantees every user has freedom.

(also: copyright)
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