(noun): A game that's easy to learn but impossible to master, causing losers to hate it and winners to lord their superiority over everyone else. Just don't knock over the pieces in a fit of rage.

jesus take the keyboard

(interjection) An exclamation of frustration or desperation, often uttered by computer users experiencing technical difficulties. The phrase is a humorous adaptation of the Christian prayer "Jesus take the wheel," which implores Jesus to take control and guide one's life in a positive direction. In the context of computer problems, the speaker is similarly invoking divine intervention to resolve the issue at hand. However, it is unclear whether Jesus has any particular expertise in computer repair, or if he is simply being asked to take over out of a sense of desperation. Nevertheless, the phrase has become a popular meme in online communities, serving as a humorous expression of the exasperation many feel when confronted with malfunctioning technology.

god's afk try later

(n) A convenient excuse for the Almighty to shirk their divine duties and leave humanity to their own devices. One can only imagine the heavenly distractions that must be more important than answering prayers or intervening in earthly affairs. Perhaps God is binge-watching a new series on Netflix or indulging in a celestial spa day. Either way, mere mortals will have to wait until God returns to their desk to handle the backlog of requests. In the meantime, humans may have to resort to solving their own problems, like adults.

(also: creation of the universe)


(noun): A charmingly deceptive bunch, known for luring unsuspecting tourists into a state of perpetual relaxation and carefree indulgence.

white hole

(n.) one possible explanation for what's on the other side of a black hole, a fountain of matter and light that constantly spews forth, with such force that any attempt by an object to fight this fountain and enter the hole would be impossible.

you may titter now.


Introversion is often misunderstood as shyness or a lack of social skills, but in reality, it is a personality trait that is characterized by a preference for solitude and introspection. Introverts often feel most energized and content when they are alone or in quiet environments, and they may find socializing to be draining or overwhelming.

free time

A period of leisure, which, when looked at closely, often consists of aimlessly scrolling through social media feeds and refreshing emails, interspersed with fleeting moments of productivity that are quickly overshadowed by feelings of guilt and self-doubt.

It is a peculiar phenomenon that one can simultaneously feel both bored and overwhelmed during free time, as if the endless possibilities of what to do next are both too many and too mundane.

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