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instagram model

(Noun) A person who has mastered the art of taking photos of themselves in awkward poses and unattainable locations. Often known for their surgically-enhanced assets and the ability to promote teeth whitening products while holding a detox tea in one hand. While they may appear to have it all, their constant need for attention and validation from strangers on the internet is truly sad. And let's be real, how many times can one person post the same bikini photo before it starts to get boring?

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(also: dubai for starters)


(Noun) A social media platform that's turned into a breeding ground for narcissism and superficiality. It's a place where people go to brag about their achievements and make their lives look more glamorous than they actually are. From staged photoshoots to over-edited selfies, it's all about presenting a perfect image to the world. While it may seem harmless, Instagram is also notorious for promoting unrealistic beauty standards and perpetuating body image issues. It's also a hotbed for misinformation and fake news, as people share conspiracy theories and spread propaganda without any fact-checking. In short, Instagram is the perfect platform for those who want to live in a self-obsessed bubble and ignore the real issues of the world.

(also: instagram model)


(noun): The digital equivalent of a laughing gas, causing uncontrollable bursts of mirth and occasional snort-like sounds. Used liberally to express amusement, even when a mere exhale would suffice. Side effects may include loss of productivity, a decrease in actual audible laughter, and a heightened sense of internet absurdity.

helen mirren

(noun): The epitome of elegance and sass, a living legend who could make Shakespeare himself blush. With a mischievous twinkle in her eye and a voice that could melt glaciers, she effortlessly captivates audiences and time-travels with grace.

ice cream

(noun) A frozen treat that temporarily fills the void left by the absence of love and meaning in our lives. Because nothing says "self-care" like consuming an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's in one sitting.


(noun) An unhealthy fixation on something that brings temporary pleasure, like binge-watching your favorite TV show or eating a pint of ice cream in one sitting. But hey, at least it distracts you from the existential dread!


(noun) The fleeting sensation that comes from achieving a goal, like finally finding matching socks or finishing a TV series that should have ended three seasons ago. Don't get too attached, because you'll probably need another hit soon.

stephen king

(noun) A prolific writer who has gifted the world with countless nightmares and sleepless nights. With his vivid imagination and ability to make the mundane terrifying, he's like a literary chef serving up nightmares as his signature dish.


(noun) A Swedish company that designs and sells furniture, home accessories, and other household goods. While Ikea is known for its affordable prices and modern designs, the assembly required for many of its products can be time-consuming and frustrating. Additionally, the mass production and distribution of Ikea products can contribute to environmental concerns and a lack of sustainable practices. Furthermore, shopping at Ikea can also be an overwhelming and confusing experience, with its massive stores and maze-like layouts.

ikea mango cake

(noun) A dessert sold at Ikea stores consisting of layers of sponge cake, whipped cream, and mango filling. While it can be a tasty and affordable treat, some may find the artificial flavoring and high sugar content to be overwhelming and unsatisfying. Additionally, the mass production and distribution of the cake can contribute to environmental concerns and a lack of sustainable practices.
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