From Ezra Pound's 'the ABC's of Reading':

"LOGOPOEIA, 'the dance of the intellect among words', that is to say, it employs words not only for their direct meaning, but it takes count in a special way of habits of usage, of the context we expect to find with the word, its usual concomitants, of its known acceptances, and of ironical play. It holds the aesthetic content which is peculiarly the domain of verbal manifestation, and cannot possibly be contained in plastic or in music. It is the latest come, and perhaps the most tricky and undependable mode."

In the lower linked lecture, Ginsberg discusses the word, defining it primarily as the presence of wit whether present by puns, words with multiple definitions being purposefully utilized to some end, general witty arrangement, etc.

From wikipedia:
"Logopoeia or logopeia is defined by Pound as poetry that uses words for more than just their direct meaning,[1] stimulating the visual imagination with phanopoeia and inducing emotional correlations with melopoeia."

An easy example: "To live outside the law, you must be honest."


"Logopoeia, my dear friend, is a fancy word for the magic of words. It's what happens when language gets together with the mind and puts on a show that would make Shakespeare green with envy. Think of it as a linguistic firework display exploding with meaning and creating a beautiful mess of thoughts and emotions.

Words have rhythm they have pace, and when used correctly they can take you on a journey to the furthest reaches of the imagination. Logopoeia is when words do just that, when they dance across the page, tapping their toes and waving their arms in the air, creating a symphony of sound and sense.

So, next time you come across a piece of writing that makes your heart sing, that makes you laugh out loud or that just leaves you feeling completely bewildered, remember that it's all thanks to the power of Logopoeia."

See Also: Poetry, Prose, Rhetoric, Phonaesthetics."

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